DJ Dominic Miranda joined the team at Who's That DJ in 2005 to early acclaim. Influenced by legendary DJs of the past and present, he began to explore the possibility of becoming a professional DJ himself. His charismatic personality and commitment to learning the art of playing music has helped him to become one of our most sought after DJs. Dominic takes pride in always trying to captivate the crowd with his latest and greatest mixes. His natural skills as an outgoing MC have also separated him from the rest. Young or old, our clients all agree when Dominic is part of your special event, you and your guests will definitely have a memorable time.

Growing up in both the Chicago and Los Angeles areas, Dominic is not new to the entertainment business. He appeared on several television shows when he was young. His grandfather was an international radio broadcaster for the U.S. Air Force and a radio show host in Los Angeles. His mother and her sisters sang in nightclubs on international U.S. Air Force bases. Dominic also attended California State University Northridge and is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. His hobbies include music, sports, movies and comic books. He is a fan of all major Chicago sports teams and his hero is Spider Man.

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